How much does a fireworks display cost
The cost of a fireworks display can vary immensely. We initially ask what you (the client) have in mind as your projected budget. Then, we can explain to you the elements that will determine what kind of fireworks display or performance you can expect for that budget.
How high do fireworks shells go?
As a general rule of thumb, you can figure about 30 metres per 25mm of shell diameter.
What happens if it rains?
If the weather is not conducive to allow the safe firing of your display, then you should have a secondary plan to fire your display on another night, normally the following night or on another night that is acceptable to you and the fireworks company, but it should be in the same calendar year.
How much distance do we need from the firing area to our spectators and parking areas?
The distance factors are established by AS2187.4 regulations. These are dependant on the largest size and type of shells being used. In other words the largest shell used dictates the minimum distance required. However, because the wind can blow, we prefer to increase the distance to increase the safety factor.
What is the last date that we can make a decision?
The worst thing you can do is 'wait too long' to make a decision, especially if you want something special! Also, keep in mind that the Department of Industry and Resources require the permit application to be in a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the display, and some Shires require 2 weeks to sign their part of the application! (It is a good idea to check with your local council office to find out their requirements.)
It is best to book a fireworks company early, then complete your budget within two months ahead of the display.
Is there really any difference in the quality of fireworks?
Definitely. It is the same as anything else. Is there any difference in automobiles, shoes, clothing, etc.?
The truly most frightening thing you can do is base your decision on a cheap price. Display fireworks are explosives! Display fireworks are inherently dangerous to begin with, and it isn't worth someone getting hurt, just to save a few dollars! In other words, you get what you pay for!
Why is there a difference in the quality of the fireworks, and how do I tell the difference? After all, I keep seeing the same name used in proposals we get, such as chrysanthemum and peony, Aren't they all the same?
The same manufacturer does not manufacture all fireworks. It isn't like trying to comparison-shop the same make and size of TV from various stores. There are literally hundred of factories in China alone. And some are very good manufacturers. HOWEVER, there are some factories that produce inferior products. This is obviously a reason for price differences. It is a philosophy of Midwest Fireworks to utilise the very best, highest quality products. It boils down to the safety of our technicians and your spectators!
Do all fireworks come from China?
No, but probably 80- 90% of the display fireworks used in Australia come from China.
Why should we change our firing location, the company we used previously told us this was okay?
This is often difficult to understand, especially when the fireworks display has been fired from that site for a long time without incident. Before we put forward a quote we like to inspect the proposed site, to determine the safety distance factors and other logistical considerations. We make our proposals based on what is the safest scenario possible for the client.
Why should I hire Midwest Fireworks?
Midwest Fireworks strives to be different from all other fireworks companies. It has to do with our quality products, our excellence in staging and choreography, and our honesty in fulfilling what we say we will do for our customers. We have had customers leave us for a year, but they come back the next year when they realise there is more to a fireworks display than just 'a great deal'.
We have just received a proposal from another company and it looks like they are giving us more shells than you are proposing… why?
This can mean they are using cheaper, lower quality shells, or are using smaller shells, which though cheaper do not give the range of effects available in larger shells. Remember, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is! Especially when you are talking about display fireworks (explosives). For safety's sake, please place quality above quantity.
What is the difference between an aerial shell and ground firework?
An aerial shell, although it may have a 'tail', has its main burst in the sky. A ground firework will begin its burst from the moment it leaves its mortar (firing tube), and may have several different effects including whistles, direction changes, whizzers and loud reports.


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